What is Systemic Therapy

Systemic therapy views people in relationship to each other rather than what is happening within the individual.  Systemic therapists work with whole families, parts of families, couples and individuals.

We explore together how people communicate with each other and what they communicate looking to identify and explore the patterns of behaviours and beliefs in roles and relationships that have become rigid over time. Doing this enables clients to decide if change is desired.

This approach is a very active using questions to explore stories from the clients past and present.  The technique used to explore the stories is sometimes called the narrative therapy.  It assists clients to identify, link, expand and acknowledge the positive and helpful experiences from their past and present they may have lost sight of in their present confusion or distress.

Using these insights it is then possible to reframe and move forward in a more positive and helpful way.


We work in the belief that clients need to take what is happening in the therapy session back into their everyday lives and use the techniques to make the changes they feel is necessary and then incorporate those changes into a new approach to their lives and the situation they find themselves in.  This means that it is very important what happens between the sessions as in the sessions themselves.


Systemic therapy is usually short termed; sometimes only one session can be extremely helpful.