Supervision is by nature a supportive environment where counsellors can explore their casework in a safe and non-judgemental environment.  It needs to challenge and confront but in a way that allows the supervisee to go back to their client work with confidence.


My approach is integrative so I feel able to support supervisees from all different modalities.  I have been a practicing therapist of over 27 years and so have trained in many of the different counselling theoretical approaches however much of my practice now is based around the Cognitive Behavioural and Systemic therapy base.  I am able to supervise individual, couple and family work.


I believe supervision should be a co- creative process where I am not in the role of the 'knowing supervisor' but rather in the position of experienced co-counsellor who you can work with to benefit  your practice and help support your clients.


I work within the codes and ethics of the BACP and would support your efforts to maintain these within your practice.


Ultimately my aim is to provide supervision that is supportive to you and your clients, encourages your development as a therapist and provide an ethical framework for you to work within.