Relationship Counselling

Counselling for couples is for anyone who is having difficulties in their relationship. Relationship counselling offers a safe space for the couples to discuss their feelings and the way they behave with and to each other and to explore how their difficulties have arisen.

Past histories and current stress can play a part in corrupting communication and creating conflict in the relationships.

The aim of the counselling is to allow a safe, calm environment in which to hear what each other is saying and feeling, to increase understanding of how the problems affect the relationship and find new ways of dealing with their problems in the future. Relationship counselling is not just a vehicle to put things back together – sometimes it’s a way to let go and move forward with less animosity and pain, this is vital particularly where children are involved.


How counselling can help

There are plenty of traps a relationship can fall in to. All the strains of every day life take their toll on us and when you’re not communicating or not listening, you’re unlikely to get your needs met and your relationship will start to suffer.

Sometimes talking to someone new is all it takes for you to gain fresh perspective and realise what’s going on. I will use the skills and experience I have to guide you through to your own way of making things better.

Couples Counselling helps you:

·         Communicate in a more constructive way

·         Learn why arguments escalate

·         Negotiate and resolve conflicts where possible

·         Reflect on the past and how it operates in the present